Poetry Relaxing & Evocative

Dream of...Reminiscence. Like books and paper the past is entwined and illuminated by a promising future.

With an earthy and mysterious backdrop of saffron, woods, and smoke, Poetry is accented with the uplift of lemon and the coolness of cypress and eucalyptus. As smooth and sensual as suede, Poetry will put you in a sylvan reverie of time’s past and promises of what is yet to come.

  • Aera Fragrance capsules work exclusively with the Aera home fragrance device.
  • Each capsule contains 25mL of fragrance.
  • Fragrance capsule lasts up to 60 days or 1,400 hours on an average setting.
  • Unlike other fragrance devices, all fragrance notes are released at once through cold diffusion for a pure scent experience.
  • Easily switch between fragrance capsules to instantly change the ambience.
  • Store fragrance capsules upright. Placing capsules on their sides or upside down will cause leakage.