Mosaic Joyful & Inviting

Dream of...Discovery. A vitalizing energy with a uniquely contrasting warmth creates a delightful medley.

Mosaic is a unique and welcoming mélange of lightness and warmth; imagine locales where luscious florals and sun-kissed terracotta inspire and energize while hints of black licorice and warm woods lend an uplifting resonance.

  • Aera Fragrance capsules work exclusively with the Aera home fragrance device.
  • Each capsule contains 25mL of fragrance.
  • Fragrance capsule lasts up to 60 days or 1,400 hours on an average setting.
  • Unlike other fragrance devices, all fragrance notes are released at once through cold diffusion for a pure scent experience.
  • Easily switch between fragrance capsules to instantly change the ambience.
  • Store fragrance capsules upright. Placing capsules on their sides or upside down will cause leakage.