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How does Aera work?

Aera converts liquid fragrance compounds into tiny droplets which in turn explode into billions of fragrance molecules to blend with ambient air. This process forces the release of all fragrance ingredients at once so the whole fragrance can be experienced. This is important because traditional methods release fragrance ingredients serially in the order of their volatility preventing smelling the whole fragrance at once and cause the scent effect to change in character over time.

What size room will Aera handle?

Aera is fully adjustable for different size rooms. Aera is effective in spaces up to 2,000 square feet (185.8 square meters).

Where can I place Aera?

You must place Aera on a flat surface where it can take full advantage of the natural air currents in the space. See the User Guide for greater detail.

Do I need to adjust Aera?

Yes! Aera is a powerful machine that can handle small and very large rooms. If it is set too high for the room size, it can cause discomfort for some people. Adjusting is simple. Take the time to do it right.

How do I adjust Aera?

With the power cord plugged in you can adjust Aera up and down using the buttons on the top. ALWAYS START WITH A LOW SETTING and adjust upward in small steps.

How strong should I make the scent?

Less is more. Aera allows you to erase odors and use only a small amount of scent. Unlike most other air fresheners, Aera is adjustable. Use this important feature.

How about safety? Is Aera safe to use with children and pets?

When used as directed, Aera is the safest air freshener available. Of course, it is also important to read the Material Safety Data Sheets available online.

How does Aera differ from aerosol room fresheners?

The more expensive aerosols can produce a very pleasant scent, but only for a few minutes and in very high concentrations just in the area they were sprayed. Aera is what is known as a "continuous action" air freshener. Aera creates, maintains and evenly delivers scent effect continuously and in low concentrations of scent materials in the air and without alcohol, propellants or other harmful VOCs.

Is Aera eco-friendly?

Yes, Aera is the most eco-friendly air freshener on the market. Unlike aerosols, Aera uses no propellants and produces no harmful volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. Unlike many air fresheners, Aera uses no ethanol or similar solvents to enhance the evaporation of fragrance chemicals.